waitlist registration

noma to noma 2022 waitlist

The race registration closed at 100 registrants. Why 100? Because we said so. This is a small team and we can only take so much on a Sunday. BUT! It is also common that people are unable to make a race that they’re super excited for. In that spirit, we’re opening a waitlist for anyone who would like to try their luck.

This is a first come, first serve list. Are the chances likely that you’ll be called up? Probably not. But fate is a fickle creature.

This waitlist will be active until a week before the race, Sunday, September 25th. If anyone cancels before that date, the next person on this list is up, congratulations! But that’s about all we can provide… again, it’s a small team. And the week before this race is hectic, so we can’t deal with a waitlist.

Please provide the information below, which is the same info that BikeReg requires. Please provide a convenient phone number to reach you, so we can let you know you’ve been called up. Don’t make us jump through hoops. If you get a spot we’ll go down the list chronologically, promise. If you don’t get a spot, sorry bud. There’s always next year.