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questions we get a lot

Why is it called NOMA to NOMA?

The race starts and ends just behind one of the quintessential ride start spots, the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) in City Park.

Will there be fully supported stops?

Yes there will be at least 5 feed zone/stops along the route. Stops will have water, energy gels, fruits, and simple foods. There are plenty of stores along the way that you can stop in. These designated stops are the only areas in which you can receive sag support. 

Is there a time cut off for this race?

No, there is no time cut off, but after a certain time of day the finish line will move to a nearby bar for max spectator and finisher hype. Details will be in the race bible.

Is this Strava Route the mandated route?

Some segments of this route are mandatory, since they are the only option or because they are the safest. Other segments are suggested that you can route yourself. More details on required vs optional routing are in the race bible.

Are there rain dates/inclement weather?

This race will roll rain or shine. If there’s a crazy situation, check Instagram and your email the morning of. It’s still hurricane season, so stay on your toes.

Where can I sign up?
NOMA to NOMA 2022 is SOLD OUT! Check BikeReg for further registration information.
Why is it limited to only 100 people?

This is a small, homegrown race. We have only 3 race directors and a small group of volunteers each year that make this happen. Also, we have never seen more than 65 people participate in NOMA. 100 people is a very large pack of riders.

Are aero bars allowed?

No. We have given this much deliberation. No aero bars of any kind will be permitted during NOMA to NOMA. Riders who attend the event with illegal equipment will be disqualified on the start line, and not allowed to participate.

Can we have a friend or loved one help with personal aid?

Riders found to have used rolling personal support, and/or personal support outside of designated feed-zones, will have their finish placement relegated outside of 20th place. Riders can seek support at shops, restaurants and other commercial establishments. In our opinion, any outside support that another rider does not have equal access to, violates the Spirit of the RACE, but not the Spirit of the Ride. Want to compete? Want to win? No personal support allowed outside of feed-zones.

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Closes September 30, 2022. There will be no day-of registration.

packet pick up events

  • September 30th – 4649 Arts Street from 5pm – 9pm
  • October 1st – Second Line Brewery 2pm – 7pm

race day

Packet pick up ends at 5:30am on Raceday. This should be a last resort only and reserved for out-of-towners. 

race begins at 6am.