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JC Monti

John-Carlo Monti came up in the New Orleans bike scene as a talented up-and-coming photographer and filmmaker.

JC passed shortly after the first edition of NOMA to NOMA in 2019, where he took part as our lone race photographer.

Riding alongside our race director and enduring the long day on the road, JC managed to find a unique perspective, and truly captured the spirit of this race.

His passion for film and photography was only matched by his smile and charm.

meet the directors

taylor circle

taylor mills

Co-founder of NOMA to NOMA, would probably say his title is Creative Director, and he wouldn’t be wrong. He’s not racing this year to keep all you jokers in line. As president of NOLA Fixed Cycling Club, he has a lot of experience organizing races in New Orleans. As co-host of Tuesday Loops, he has a lot of experience herding cats.

greta circle

greta cappelmann

She has a printer and uses Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, so she was given the title of Director of Operations because nothing else fit. Nothing happens in NOMA to NOMA without passing a Greta-inspection. She is an active member of the Bike Easy board, she likes plants, and is by far the most put together member of our squad. She’s the one “Director” racing this year.

zack circle

zack thomas

Team Action-Dad, he’s co-founder of NOMA to NOMA and most aptly titled Logistics Director probably. Also has cat herding experience as co-founder of Tuesday Loops (shameless plug for @tuesdayloops and #tuesdayloopssucksdontcome on Instagram). Avid wearer of Crocs, and one of the loudest people you will ever meet. He’s also not racing this year to drive his #RAVgang on the Northshore.

meet the team

serah ridolfo

 “She’s a good woman, and thorough” – Maude Lebowski. Serah is the engine behind this web presence. She’s a bonafide race organizer in her own right, and owner/founder of Cicada Consulting. We’re all indebted to her for all of her work on this race!!

pete christian

Owner of Palmares Cycling. Has a lot of tattoos. He cares about cycling in this region, so we keep him around.